How to setup goals in life?

Prepared by Nurulain, PsyHome

Firstly, you need to be specific as when you’re making your goal specific, you are setting up yourself for success. You need to consider on answering who, where, what, why and which when you’re getting specific about your goal.

Next, the goal need to be measurable as what benchmarks will you use on making sure that you are moving forward? How will you know that you need to make adjustment? It will help you stay on track and meet your target dates by getting a target that you can measure and monitor.

Furthermore, the goal must be achievable or in another word is attainable. This is to make sure that the goals are not out of your reach. In addition, the goal need to be relevant or realistic as this goes along with attainable. Is the goal relevant to your life, and can you realistically done it according to your current situation?

Last but not least, for a goal to be realistic it also has to be grounded within a time frame, and it needs to be real or tangible.

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