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Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is a practice of assessing a person’s mental health and behavioural functioning using standardised tests, observations, self report measures and other techniques. It is usually carried out by a mental health specialist, such as psychologists which serves the purposes of diagnosing mental health issues, identifying suitable courses of therapy, and monitoring the effectiveness of such treatments.

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It is the first step before you go to the psychological intervention. Psychological assessment has various benefits that can promote individuals mental well-being such as:

  • Diagnosing and planning treatment
  • Early intervention
  • Monitoring progress
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What the client would expect from psychological assessment


Before the assessment begin, psychologist or counsellor will brief you about the assessment that will be conducted.

Talk about yourself

You will be inquired with a list of specific questions such as personal related matter like past history, relationship and more. Don’t worry, all of this information will be kept confidential and only be known between you and your psychologists.

Solve problems

After the assessment finished, your psychologist will debrief about your result and discusses it with you about the suitable treatment strategies

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