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Prepared by Nurulain, PsyHome

Before we enter the topic, let us first understand what is emotional acceptance. Emotional acceptance means that we are letting go of attempts to control your emotions and learning that emotions themselves cannot harm you, although the things you do to try to get rid of emotions, such as abusing alcohol, can harm you.

Firstly, accepting emotions is not resigning yourself to pain and it is really important to have a clear view on the distinction between resignation and acceptance. Acceptance simply means being aware of your emotions and accepting them for what they are right now, knowing that they won’t last. Somehow or another, accepting emotions implies additionally accepting that feelings will change. At the point when we are cheerful, we need to acknowledge that bliss is a momentary condition; we won’t generally be glad. This goes for each kind of feeling, from dread to nervousness to misery. Sentiments are transitory and generally disappear in practically no time, minutes, or hours.

Secondly, we have emotions for a reason, so you shouldn’t want to get rid of them completely. Emotions are part of a complex system that helps us decide what we should stay away from and what we should approach. Emotions also help us keep lasting relationships with other people. Without emotions, we would make terrible decisions all the time. Therefore, accepting emotions is helpful, because when we listen to our emotions, we can actually learn important information.

Lastly, it is difficult to figure out how to acknowledge feelings since they regularly don’t feel awesome and we have senses that may advise us to keep away from them. With tenacious practice, however, you can figure out how to be all the more tolerating of your feelings. Care reflection, or the act of monitoring both your internal and external experience, can be hugely helpful as you are figuring out how to acknowledge your feelings. You can attempt a meditation and careful breathing activities.

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