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Unleash your emotional power with Aquera Voice Analysis

Aquera is an innovative software technology that measures patterns in voice and brain frequencies that translate these into various degrees of physical health and emotional well-being. It correlates human vocal vibrations and brain waves to our emotions and health. In other words, using our advanced computer technology, the Aquera software will measure your emotional intelligence and physical health and then generate a report for it. Personal emotions and physical health are interrelated.

The Emotion Report reveals your stress levels, emotional states, subconscious thoughts, inner potential , constructive and restrictive behaviours, characteristics and personalities, learning and communicating sensory; while the IDN Health Report shows your physical health conditions.

After completion of the analysis, Aquera system is able to customize a set of sound frequencies based on your analysis report to restore your emotional health and physical health balance.

This technology was developed based on studies in Physics, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Epigenetics, Psychology and other research fields from different universities all around the world.

About aquera

How It Works

Discover your inner emotion


What We Get

Voices reflect your deep emotions

Keep you safe

Our Promises

Our belief understanding is the origin of love


We respect your privacy. Your personal report will not be disclosed to anyone under any circumstances without your permission.


The Aquera report is generated from the data collected from your voice and brain waves. It is 100% reliable and interpreted from the hidden information within yourself.


A detailed report will be presented to you together with consultation. If you are interested to improve yourself further, we will be honored to share the solution with you.

Main principle

Aquera Core Solutions

Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, “Every frequency is a nutrient.”


zCode, the No.1 personalized frequency therapy for insomnia. Our Aquera Technology can solve your insomnia problem.


eCode, you may customize the frequency therapy for your emotional health.


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