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Ms. Vane Yen



• Conducting psychoeducation and wellness talk on social media
• Using Aquera technology to identify the client’s underlying emotion by relating the vocal or brainwave input
• Conducting psychological assessments with children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds with different mental health concerns.
• PsyHome Academy
• Programmes Designer Operation lead / Assistant Psychologist



Emotional Management



Parenting Education




// About Me

Education & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Psychology from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar
// About Me

My Strength

Emotional Management:

Woman's stress management, depression/anxiety management, self-confidence & emotional intelligence skills.

Communication and Collaboration:

- Strong communication skills enable Operations Leads to convey expectations clearly to team members.
- She fosters collaboration across departments, ensuring a cohesive approach to achieving organizational goals.

Organizational Skills:

- Operations Leads excel in organizing and structuring workflows to ensure efficiency.
- She can manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously, maintaining a well-structured operational environment.

// About Me

My Philosophy

Ms. Vane Yen believes that each person has a story to tell and through the narration of their life story will they find meaning, strength, and courage in the face of adversity. She is committed to creating a safe space for you to feel deeply heard, to discover new insights together as well as to explore alternative, helpful ways of thinking and practicing strategies to address your concerns. 

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