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Ms. Shuba



• Possess 3 years of clinical experience as a practitioner.
• The co-founder of Enlight Mental Health Charity
• Worked as an Assistant Psychologist in special needs schools in United Kingdom and Malaysia
• Worked an volunteered in Stroke Association, UK; The Talking Hands Association, UK; befriending services, UK and Malaysia.
• Worked as a wellness coach in an EAP programme (Accenture)
• Given Mental Health Awareness talks in primary and secondary schools



Emotional Management



Parenting Education



Career Development






Body-Mind Health

// About Me

Education & Memberships

• MSc in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, Swansea University, Wales, United Kingdom
• BSc (Hons) Psychology, York St John University, United Kingdom
• Diploma in Psychology, SEGi College Subang Jaya, Malaysia
• Cert (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy); Cert (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Practitioners)
• British Psychological Society (Graduate Membership)
• Singapore Psychological Society (Full member)
• Member of Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Doctoral in Psychology (In-Pursue), California Southern University; MSc. Psychology (Pastoral Counseling), California Southern University; BSc. Psychology, UTAR. Cert (Play Therapy for Children with Special Needs); Cert (Hypnotherapy): Cert (Relationship Workshop Facilitator); Cert (Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals)for

// About Me

My Strength

Emotional management

depression, anxiety, struggles with low self-esteem/low self-confidence, grief, emotional and behavioural problems

Parenting challenges:

Imbalanced lifestyle, lack of emotional bonding, parent-child conflict

Relationship issues

Separation or divorce, lack of communication, breakdown of trust, lack of sexual chemistry, Interpersonal conflict.

Career Development:

Future confusion, workplace communication, potential development, career choice, workplace anxiety & life plan

Body-Mind Health:

Loss and sorrow, childhood trauma, addiction, poor self-control, midlife crisis, perfectionism

// About Me

My Clients

My main goal is to provide essential psychological and therapeutic services to children, adults and families by offering tailored solutions for each client to better meet their individual needs. However, originating from Malaysia, Shuba has a vast experience of working with people from multi-cultural background and she treats people equally with respect by being mindful of their personal beliefs, values, perspectives and preferences. Additionally, Shuba is fluent in English, Malay and Tamil as well.

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