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Ms. Farhah



• Trainee Counselor at Henry Gurney School, Malacca by providing individual counselling sessions, group counselling sessions, organizing management skills programme as well as managing aggressive and sexual cases for juvenile offenders.

• Trainee Counsellor at the Serene Retreat Rehabilitation Centre. During that period, she was committed to improve her skills by giving educational classes, providing individual counselling, leading outdoor and indoor activities as well as lifting activities and made daily reporting session to track the progress of individual client.

• Shadow Aide Trainee at SOLS Health for special kids. It emphasizes changes on special kid’s behaviour to be more organized and structured.



Emotional Management



Parenting Education



Career Development






Body-Mind Health

// About Me

Education & Memberships

Farhah Afifah, best known as Farhah to her peers completed her Bachelor of Counselling at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia in 2018, during which, she experienced the theoretical and practical aspect of counselling throughout her studies. She holds a Counsellor Certificate from Lembaga Counsellor bearing registration number KB08629.

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My Strength

Adjustment/transition to/ from college

difficult adapting with new place, college life, how to make friends


gaming addiction.

Anger management:

low self-control, unstable emotion, easily get triggered.

Anxiety and stress:

Cannot handle workload, disorganized, sensitive, grief and loss

Behavioral and mood changes:

Unstable emotion, suicidal

Eating concerns/ self-esteem/ body image:

Body shaming problem, low self-confident, low self-esteem

Personal Development:

Spirituality, career confusion

Relationship Conflicts

// About Me

My Clients

My goal is to provide essential psychological and therapeutic services to teenagers, young adults and adults by offering tailored solutions for each client to better meet their individual needs.

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