What is Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)?

Some of us became ill while we were under a lot of stress, which indicates that our stress levels influence our immune systems. The study of how our immune system and central nervous system interact is known as psychoneuroimmunology. Psychological stress makes us more vulnerable to illnesses ranging from the ordinary cold to autoimmune disease […]

The impacts of Positive Thinking

Prepared by Nurulain, PsyHome One of the positive consequence by thinking in a positive way is it can help to relief your stress. This had been found out by researchers that when optimist face a disappointment, they tend to focus on how can they resolve the problem. Rather than dwelling, on things they cannot change, […]

How to setup goals in life?

Prepared by Nurulain, PsyHome Firstly, you need to be specific as when you’re making your goal specific, you are setting up yourself for success. You need to consider on answering who, where, what, why and which when you’re getting specific about your goal. Next, the goal need to be measurable as what benchmarks will you […]

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